Cutting-edge areas of expertise
in high demand in the market


We support consulting, large and small companies, Investment funds, start-up, in their performance project. Our combined commercial and technical skills, our independence and our experience guarantee the success of your  transformation project enhance by new technologies and data. Our work revolves around innovation consulting, engineering and business application integration, from the design phase to production support.

Operational Efficiency
Exploration, optimization and monitoring of post-trade business processes

FineDigit will actively accompany you in changing your operating and monitoring models to acquire a level of excellence in processing your business by leveraging on the good technologies.

Process Mining
Process mining for your digital transformation today and your business monitoring tomorrow

Process mining, based on innovative and scalable solutions being widely adopted by other industries, is demonstrating its value for managing your day-to-day activity as well preparing your transformation plans.

Robotic Processing Automation
RPA with the leading solution, UiPath

Digital automation based on RPA make financial institutions more effective in operating their business, streamlining their processes, increasing productivity and eventually improving the customer experience.

Performance Business Consulting
Trading, financial engineering, quantitative analysis, risk, compliance, payments, accounting

Organisation, Project Management, Business analysis, integration of enterprise software

Hadoop, Spark, Python, R, Scala

Big data can prove a major competitive advantage, but only if the data is properly used. The DataOps approach, a mixture of organisational and technological best practices, aims to facilitate and accelerate access to, and use of, data. The objective: "Self-Service" and real-time data ("Fast Data").