Digital automation based on RPA make financial institutions more effective in operating their business, streamlining their processes, increasing productivity and eventually improving the customer experience.

FineDigit has been exploring the strong potential application of RPA to financing business activities around six categories :

·      Complementing sequence or phase of processes still manually handled due to a lack of functional coverage of thecore BPM tool

·      Enriching flows and/or occurrences with exogenous data essential for proper processing

·      Controlling a priori atypical or non-compliant occurrences and/or raising warning without any block for aposteriori investigation

·      Reporting transactional activities to comply among other with regulations and/or complement monitoring models

·      Reconciling data bases and/or positions with various – internal or external – sources

·      Moving towards more intelligence by relying on OCR technologies, machine learning and A.I.


·      In their pursuit to digital transformation, financing institutions established them as the leaders and the largest users of smart technologies

·      Intelligent solutions do already make the difference at front-offices but there seems to be some untapped potential atpost-trade activities

·      FineDigit, by implementing UiPath solutions, makes possible this progress in efficiency to cut down running costs while guaranteeing regulatory compliance

·      FineDigit has created a center of excellence in RPA based on UiPath technology finetuned to financing processesand services

·      Governance and maintenance of your newly automatized process based on RPA justify ad’hoc framework that FineDigit will be providing

·      At last, financing institutions can truly expect a rapid return on investment


during which we will be presenting our approach for financing institutions.

We are looking forward to accompanying your digital automation strategy.

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