Corporate and investment banking are still in a period of accelerated transformation, driven by a stronger pressure on costs, regulation and technology. In response, many financial companies are moving towards a future defined by more automation, risk mitigation and innovation

FineDigit actively accompany you in meeting current and forth coming challenges :

·      Overall, banking Institutions still face a too highdegree of manual processing, breaks and irrelevant exceptions along thepost-trade chain. How to tackle it for good?

·      Meanwhile, it remains a lack of quantitative and qualitative measures to properly master business activities and operations. How to put business processes under controls?

·      Much still had to be done by injecting more cognitive technologies to reduce cost burden and mitigate operational risks meeting industry’s challenges and moving at the same time towards more social responsibility. How to properly rely on new technologies?

OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE PROGRAM, get on board for a journey based on a mix of methodology and technology

FineDigit has defined a complete digital process automation plan based on 5 phases aiming to fully loop and smoothly switch from change to run (and vice-versa):

·      Assessment based on an exhaustive inventory of business processes relying on Task and Process Mining solutions

·      Scheduling project plan to define precisely the pipeline of business process’s enhancements as well as associated means/budget/timelines and deadlines

·      Designing, building and testing of selected solutions for automation in BPM and/or thanks to RPA

·      Preparing go-live’s phases and stabilizations phases

·      Continuous improvement to drive coming next enhancements and automation but also to monitor newly-designed business processes on the long run thanks to Process Mining solution


·       FineDigit accompanies financing institutions in changing operating models tending towards super-automation and low operational residual risks

·       Our business experts will be contributing to build efficient monitoring model to comply with a very regulatory and cost- driven context

·       FineDigit is leveraging on the good technologies to effectively drive digital automation strategies for Finance thanks to partnership with best inclass solutions

During which we will be presenting our approachbeing a mix of methodology and technology.

We are looking forward to accompanying your digital automation strategy.

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