Process Mining by FineDigit

Nov 18, 2020

Process mining, based on innovative and scalable solutions being widely adopted by other industries, is demonstrating its value for managing your day-to-day activity as well preparing your transformation plans

“PROCESS MINING is the best starting point ever of any digital transformation program providing a precise and science-based diagnosis, the ideal complement to business experts and analysts” 

At FineDigit, we consider process mining as a key step of digital strategy to diagnose firstprocessing chains but also to put processes under controls in run mode.

PROCESS MINING is at the service of transformation,

·      Take a science-based approach ideally complementing experts’ inputs

·      Visualize business workflows based on data coming from your IS

·      Determine very efficient business sequences considered as happy paths as well as all the variants for eventually a 60% cut.

·      Track losing percentage points in STP, both vertically and horizontally

·      Identify precisely where toenhance business processes to finally free up 20 to 30% of post-trade capacity

·      Highlight where to speed upprocesses for more efficiency and compliancy

PROCESS MINING will be an inescapable pillar formonitoring business activity,

·      Switch to a true monitoring model, potentially complement with RPA either upstream (to enrich data) or downstream (to activate additional processes)

·      Rely on an extensible set of key performance indicators to assess STP rates and processing times

·      Calculate and monitor costper trade

·      Detect any risky occurrences (discrepancies, sensitive exceptions and statuses, atypical sequences, breachesof compliance & security)

·      Find the good balance between a very-high level of automation and operational risk mitigation along the full business value chain